How many times a month do you order takeout pizza?  It happens to be one of my favorite foods, so we eat it at least twice a month.  Although takeout is super convenient, saving me from cooking AND cleaning up, I’m usually left feeling rather guilty after eating it.  So I wanted to share an awesome alternative that I made frequently over the summer- homemade grilled pizza! 

Okay, so truth be told…most of the time I bought pre-made dough at my favorite local market (shout out to @HeislersMarket)…but I always make my own marinara sauce.  And once it got too cold to grill outside, I just used the oven. 

Making your own pizza helps you control the salt and fat content…so you can feel less guilty about eating it!  After a few flops, I highly recommend getting a pizza peel and some cornmeal to help the crust slide off easily.  This pizza is so yummy that you won’t  want to go back to takeout 😉

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