Grilled Sea Bass

sea bass with asparagus and black bean salsa

I love grilling during the summer!  It’s fast, healthy and cuts down on messy kitchen clean up!  Growing up on a farm in western PA, I’m a meat and potato kinda girl who didn’t eat alot of seafood growing up.  I married a seafood lover from Philly though, so I’m always trying to improve my seafood skills in the kitchen.  Here’s a new family favorite- grilled sea bass (or halibut).  The key is oiling the grill grates very well right before you put the fish on, so it won’t stick.  For the garlic butter sauce, I substituted lime juice and cilantro for the lemon and parsley.  I also added a tomato-lime-cilantro salsa that we love with fish.

Find the recipe here: Grilled Sea Bass with Tomato-Lime Salsa