Simplicity DPC offers comprehensive adult primary care services with affordable pricing plans that include same day or next day appointments, discounted medications and lab services. 

Services Included with Membership



Simplicity DPC is a membership based healthcare model.  You pay an affordable monthly fee based on your age to receive comprehensive, personalized care that you deserve.  It doesn’t matter if you are insured, under-insured or not insured at all because I opted out of the insurance game.  DPC values quality care over volume.  This means that I will have far fewer patients to care for than traditional practices (400 vs 2,500) and that equates to longer appointment times, shorter waiting room times, increased availability when you need an appt, TIME to talk to your doctor about your health questions and so much more.


Age – Price/Month

  • 18 - 39 $85
  • 40 - 59 $105
  • 60 + $125


I’ve negotiated the lowest possible cash prices for members of Simplicity DPC.  Most often, this is cheaper than using your insurance.  And for convenience, I will draw your blood in the office.

Discounted labs

  • CBC (blood cell counts) $3.40
  • CMP (electrolytes and liver fxn) $4.75
  • Lipid Panel (cholesterol) $4.95
  • TSH (thyroid) $5.00
  • A1C (for diabetics) $4.21


Membership at Simplicity DPC also includes a membership to Blueberry Pharmacy – an independent pharmacy located in West View, PA. Owner and pharmacist, Kyle McCormick, buys meds directly from wholesalers and passes those savings onto the patient – without middlemen driving up prices. He also mails/delivers prescriptions directly to your house so there’s no need  to drive to and wait at a retail pharmacy for drastically marked up meds. This saves you TIME and MONEY. For more information on how Blueberry Pharmacy can benefit you, check out their website: You can also compare prices using their online price checker:

Simplicity DPC/Blueberry Pharmacy Membership Benefits:

  • 1-2 day shipping directly to patient
  • 4 shippings/year are free. More than that are $3.99 each
  • Patients get 15% off OTC’s, herbals/supplements, and gifts
  • Member pricing on prescription medications
  • Choice of manufacturer
  • Cost consultations for members – we can help you save on your medications even if you don’t use Blueberry Pharmacy
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist

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