Eat Better and Move More!

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I love cooking but there are days that I just dread dinnertime. It’s time-consuming between preparation and cleanup and sometimes I lack all creativity. Plus, making everyone in the house happy is often an unattainable goal.

Well, last week I was staring at the same old chicken tenderloins wondering how the heck I’m gonna make this less boring. I was craving chinese food but didn’t want to order takeout (again), because you know, I’m trying to practice what I preach…eat better and move more.

So, I found this fairly easy recipe for general tso’s chicken- a classic takeout option- but by making it yourself, you control the fat, salt and sugar content. It was delicious! I followed the recipe as is, except for cutting back on the brown sugar, but you can certainly choose to bake the chicken instead of pan-frying or leave off the breading all together.